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Welcome to the NT Racing website and thank you for taking the time to learn some more about us. We are happy to have you here. So what are we all about?

Well there’s a dedicated team behind NT Racing who want to bring you the best information and content out there when it comes to the world of horse racing and wagering. We have a real passion for the sport that we always aim to inject into our wide ranging horse racing coverage and detailed articles.

Passion for horse racing

This site strives to be the go to place for information and updates relating to National Thoroughbred racing. So you don’t need to look anywhere else to get all the great content you need. We are thrilled to bring you monthly updates and news from around the world covering all aspects of horse racing. From in depth analysis to the latest industry news and views we aim to provide you with the best content out there right now for horse racing.

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NT Racing gives you great tips

We also strongly believe that you have to know where you’ve come from to know where you are going! Therefore we will be providing you some fascinating insights and background on the world of world of horse racing. Go through our various articles looking at the horse racing┬áhistory and evolution of the NTRA sport. We are not afraid to go further than other horse racing sites when it comes to looking at the rich history and culture of horse racing.

Indeed some online casinos are now evening offering racing tips and live racing bets, such as the excellent www.thecasinowire.com amongst others. We will scour these site to bring you awesome some insider racing tips too.

If you are looking for a NTRA Racing Agenda, make sure that you have checked latest information and upcoming events, as we bring you monthly updates.

So stay awhile and have a good look around the site to get a feel for our approach to the fascinating world of horse racing. We hope you will find it a valuable resource and would always welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might have.

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