7 Tips and Tricks for Betting on Horse Racing

7 Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a popular spectator sport for centuries, and today it’s one that continues to thrive, with online betting, as it’s that attracts just as many fans as online betting on football, tennis and others sports.

The big question for horse racing fans is how to pick more winners and avoid more losers, so here are seven tips and tricks which could help you do exactly that…

1. Read Basic Form

Basing your betting decisions on past form is by far the most important thing you can do to increase your chances of winning, so learn to read basic form. A simple way to convert basic form into usable information is to add the finishing positions of each runner’s last three races together to get a form rating. The lower the rating, the better.

2. Select Races Carefully

Not all horse races are equal. You can make it easier to find winners by selecting races carefully, and focusing on those that are least competitive. An eight-runner, non-handicap race will usually be far easier than a sixteen-runner handicap race, as far as picking winners is concerned, so select those easier races and avoid the most competitive ones.

3. Give Preference to Recent Winners

A horse that won its most recent race is usually in a better winning proposition than one which hasn’t won for a race or two, so give preference to recent winners.

4. Avoid ‘Talking Horses’

A ‘talking horse’ is one which everyone seems to be betting on, but which doesn’t have the previous form to justify such attention. Some talking horses will win, but many more of them will lose, and so you can sidestep plenty of losers by avoiding betting on horses with no proven form.

5. Watch the Odds

The odds available about any given runner in a race will reflect the chance that it has of winning according to the odds-makers, as well as the weight of money being bet on it. A horse at very large odds can therefore be expected to have a far lower chance of winning than a runner being offered at fairly modest odds.

6. Never Chase Losses

If you want to be a successful horse racing bettor, never chase your losses. It’s impossible to pick a winner in every race you bet on, so losing is part of the business of betting.

Chasing losses often leads to even more losses, so take your losses on the chin, learn from the experience and live to bet another day. Console yourself with the fact that it’s better to be self-disciplined than it is to throw more money at the sportsbook and end up completely broke!

7. Keep a Betting Record

Last, but not least, start keeping a record of every bet you make, and why. Your betting record can then be analysed later, and may help you to see what kind of bets you succeed with more often than not, and which bets you tend to lose with. You can then focus on the former and avoid the latter to increase your overall performance in the future.

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