7 Tips and Tricks for Betting on Horse Racing

7 Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a popular spectator sport for centuries, and today it’s one that continues to thrive, with online betting, as it’s that attracts just as many fans as online betting on football, tennis and others sports.

The big question for horse racing fans is how to pick more winners and avoid more losers, so here are seven tips and tricks which could help you do exactly that…

1. Read Basic Form

Basing your betting decisions on past form is by far the most important thing you can do to increase your chances of winning, so learn to read basic form. A simple way to convert basic form into usable information is to add the finishing positions of each runner’s last three races together to get a form rating. The lower the rating, the better.

2. Select Races Carefully

Not all horse races are equal. You can make it easier to find winners by selecting races carefully, and focusing on those that are least competitive. An eight-runner, non-handicap race will usually be far easier than a sixteen-runner handicap race, as far as picking winners is concerned, so select those easier races and avoid the most competitive ones.

3. Give Preference to Recent Winners

A horse that won its most recent race is usually in a better winning proposition than one which hasn’t won for a race or two, so give preference to recent winners.

4. Avoid ‘Talking Horses’

A ‘talking horse’ is one which everyone seems to be betting on, but which doesn’t have the previous form to justify such attention. Some talking horses will win, but many more of them will lose, and so you can sidestep plenty of losers by avoiding betting on horses with no proven form.

5. Watch the Odds

The odds available about any given runner in a race will reflect the chance that it has of winning according to the odds-makers, as well as the weight of money being bet on it. A horse at very large odds can therefore be expected to have a far lower chance of winning than a runner being offered at fairly modest odds.

6. Never Chase Losses

If you want to be a successful horse racing bettor, never chase your losses. It’s impossible to pick a winner in every race you bet on, so losing is part of the business of betting.

Chasing losses often leads to even more losses, so take your losses on the chin, learn from the experience and live to bet another day. Console yourself with the fact that it’s better to be self-disciplined than it is to throw more money at the sportsbook and end up completely broke!

7. Keep a Betting Record

Last, but not least, start keeping a record of every bet you make, and why. Your betting record can then be analysed later, and may help you to see what kind of bets you succeed with more often than not, and which bets you tend to lose with. You can then focus on the former and avoid the latter to increase your overall performance in the future.

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A Brief History of Online Horse Betting

A Brief History of Online Betting

How it All Began

Horse racing, considered as a pastime, has existed for pretty long. Over time, it managed to successfully capture the interest of many people who purposely placed bets as part of fun and an indication of their conviction of particular teams’ wins.

The ancient Greek Olympic Games, dating back to 510BC, considered chariot racing among its most famous landmark of events. It’s evident that from these early ages, horse race betting has been a lucrative betting market that consequently serves as a source of revenue collection, giving billions of Euros to the UK government.

As with other forms of gambling, horse race betting has evolved from the traditional form of offline betting to the current online betting.

History has it that in the past, horse betting was an elitist pastime, strictly reserved for the aristocracy. Over a span of time, however, horse racing has witnessed significant changes which have eventually placed it as a universal spectator sport with a set of rules that guide people’s wagering.

To this extent, the sport has not only become fully regulated but also joined the list of the most lucrative betting types, coming second after soccer betting.

Uniqueness of Horse Betting

Even though a considerable number of sports have witnessed significant shifts from punters’ wagering, which ideally took place in betting shops, to online wagering that’s doable via mobile phones, horse betting has, in essence, retained some of its unique traditions.

Wager placing via track-side bookmakers as well as going to the racing event remain unchanged. Moreover, even though the rules limiting horse betting to upper classes were relaxed, a majority of race tracks still maintain that the tradition of nobility is only sustainable through observance of strict dress codes.

Features of Horse Betting

Horse betting, having evolved fully to adopt the system of online betting, has many features that collectively contribute to its uniqueness, thus making it a preferable betting market. Below are some of its unique attributes:

  • You’re capable of betting on horses using your mobile phone at any time of the day
  • You can easily retrieve and watch live horse racing videos on your tablets, smartphones or laptops
  • You can retrieve the important information on real-time racing and as such, have a guided betting
  • You’re capable of keeping track of all the bets that you place
  • As a bettor, you’re entitled to both daily and weekly horse bonuses
  • You don’t need any downloads while horse betting
  • The online horse betting system is practically safe, secure and offers much fun
  • In given instances, you can get up to $150 sign-up bonus

When you use Mobile Horse Betting as your chosen option for online horse betting, you get access to thoroughbred racing mobile account wagering for well over 200 race tracks; real-time race results; appropriate program changes; and odds for live horse racing at just the touch of a button!

Presently, horse race presents you with over 200 different race tracks to choose from. With the ease of access to horse race information, your online horse betting has no restriction to a particular house. You can do it anytime, anywhere!

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Information about Roland Garros

They went about it in different ways but Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep were rightly crowned King and Queen of clay at the this year’s French Open at Roland Garros. For Nadal it was a largely uncomplicated tournament which saw him claim his 11th title in Paris but for Halep, after a number of near misses, it was vindication for all her hard work and her dedication to the sport she loves.

Dominic Thiem was Nadal’s opponent in the final, and he had won the last meeting, also on clay, just weeks before but despite playing very well he could not overcome the Spaniard this time. In fact Rafa was rarely troubled except against his good friend Diego Schwartzman in the quarter-final. Schwartzman took the first set in style and with a break in the second set the shock looked on until rain stopped play. Unfortunately for the Argentine this allowed Nadal to get himself together, recover the break, and the rest is history.

For Simona Halep it was fourth time lucky, and third time at Roland Garros after so many final defeats. She’d had a couple of tough matches leading up to the semi-final but a comfortable defeat over Garbine Muguruza made many think her time had come. That hope began to evaporate when her opponent, Sloane Stephens, quickly found herself a set and a break up and it looked like history was going to repeat itself. From nowhere though the Romanian found immense inner strength to recover and take the 2nd and steamroller Stephens in the 3rd, finally celebrating the Grand Slam win as well as her return to number one in the world.

The shock of the tournament came when Marco Cecchinato eliminated Novak Djokovic who continued to make his comeback. Serena Williams also made hers but ultimately withdrew due to an injury but will hope to be fit for Wimbledon, as will Andy Murray who returns to action soon. Unfortunately for him, Djokovic and Nadal, Roger Federer has already returned to number one in the world and is showing no signs of decline.

Dunguib’s rider Brian O’Connell retires

5 April 2018 was a very sad day for Brian O’Connell and for the Irish race-horsing industry, as he announced that he was retiring from his career as a jockey. An accident caused him a severe injury to his right shoulder on 5 October 2017, when he slid off his horse. He remains hurt in spite of two operations. His chief medical officer strongly advised him to quit the sport for good.

Brian O’Connell made history

A surely tough but courageous decision for a jockey of such fame, with a record of around 250 wins in a number of famous competitions. What was striking during his announcement, however, is his determination to stay in the industry as well as his positive attitude that things could have turned out much worse for him than they actually did.

Taking a look back at his career and his medals, he will surely be remembered for riding a number of significant horses: Dunguib, Don Cossack, Last Instalment, Lieutenant Colonel, Last Instalment, Jack Absolute, Rich Revival, Argocat, Real Steel and Caim Hill, to name the most prominent.

At this point in time, there is no turning back for Brian O’Connell. He did manage to make history for himself and for the sport he adores. But one thing is sure: there will be exciting times ahead, as we see O’Connell back in the industry in some way or another.